ES_10 portadaThe latest issue of Education and Sustainability focuses on Money.  Who gave you your first coin, when did you open your first bank account – who with, and why? How  we learn about money -how to spend it, where to invest it, how to save it (or not) –  is complex and of course has multiple environmental and social implications.  Are our values compatible with the way we make decisions about money? If not, why not?

This issue focuses on how we learn about money,  finance and the economy – from childhood psychology, to business school curricula, school projects, community markets and alternative currencies.

Serge Latouche questions whether education and “degrowth” really are compatible, Viki Johnson and Faiza Shaheen from the New Economics Foundation explore the idea of Green Jobs to combat financial crisis, Penny Shepherd, director of UKSIF proposes a new curriculum for adolescents financial literacy and we explore the motivations of Muhammed Yunus, the founder of the microcredit bank Grameen.  Other pieces focus on alternative currencies, service learning, ethical finance, socially responsible investment, community banks, the relationship children have with money as well as a range of other educational projects from around the world.

As with every issue we include a full compendium of teaching resources, recomended books, films and other ideas for educators and parents. Available in Catalán, and shortly in Swedish. Download the index here. Index_ES_10_diners